Why get married in Teror?

Maybe because of its balconies or its cobblestones? Maybe because of the gardens of the Town Hall ?, Or simply, because of the landscaping and gastronomy offered by the villa ?. What we do know is that, "Marry in Teror" will be a magical experience that you will never forget. Come and check it!

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  • Eucharists, processions and meditations make up the Holy Week program of the Basilica del Pino. The Burning of Judas will be Saturday, April 15. The Parish of Ntra. Señora del Pino celebrates Holy Week from 9 to 16 April, [...]
  • Teror is promoted as a place for wedding celebrations, offering its charms and the services of a score of companies in the sector. The City Council has launched the project of 'Tourist Dynamization of the Municipality of Teror. Marry in Teror ', [...]
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